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={MopokuskiS}= have achieved:

n00b WRs by JAMES,
Jok and Zworqy
Average British records by [chux]
Average British records by JAMES
KoM nomination for JAMES (12/02)

LoM (Animals) - Mikey B
LoM (Minimalism) - JAMES
GAA nomination for [chux]
British records by JAMES

Sun 17/08/03: [MK] has a new home by [chux]
It's been a while since I've updated here, mainly because we have a new site.
Mopokuskis.tk is back up and redone and is quite a lot better than this place.
Right, the NWR table hasn't been updated for ages, and probably won;t be again
at least until something happens to MK.tk, then this will be the main site,
as long as 20m don't take it offline or anything.
Ok, check out mopokuskis.tk right now...right now!!!

Mon 27/07/03: MK Beta is born! by [chux]
Mopokuskis has expanded. The current team will now be known as MKA or Alpha,
and a new team has been created called MKB or Beta. The teams are equal.
There are still spaces on MKB, just apply to me or Zworqy the normal way.
NWRs - Only a provisional one this week, Revolt has a bug time on Hooked
so his Bounce Back record can't be entered properly. Why? The NWR state.
If I add his state to the NWR.dat then Hooked will mess up.
If anyone else gets an NWR with a bug time on your state, fix it before you send.
I should have said that a while ago really, my fault.
Calvin sent in a level for me to publish, it's called 360 and can be downloaded
I think that's all this week. Everyone visit mopokuskis.tk now!

Mon 21/07/03: Oops! by [chux]
I didn't quite manage to update yesterday because I went to a local music festival.
Anyway, 2 (legal) NWRs today, Buci and Kelgar both make their debut records.
Baddog tried to re-submit his times, which I thought were slightly suspicious...
Seeing as I disallowed his times when he hadn't finished Apple Harvest, what did he do?
Yep, that's right! He finished it! But not quite...he finished it in over 5 minutes...
which for a kuski of his standard is very poor.
Baddog - You obviously should be under 50 minutes, I'd say 48ish. Go back to your
original state, and play until you get an over 45 record! For a player of your calibre
it will be easy! You will be disqualified from submitting times from now on.
If anyone else tries to do the same, they will also be blacklisted.
[chux] will not be messed with.
Anyway, enough legal cheating for now, and hopefully, forever.

Sat 19/07/03: Anyone seen our site? by [chux]
Mopokuskis.tk has mysteriously disappeared...kinda
Not so much disappeared as taken off the internet by Dyrox (now called Xian).
As many of you know, Xian was the creator of the .tk site and obviously he thought
it was nessesary to remove it. Anyway, this all means that this is the official MK site
again, until the new site is made. Zworqy will be building it soon.

Sun 13/07/03: I'm back! by [chux]
EtanOli is so close to the 50 minute limit, it looks as though he's has his last NWR.
Well...I say last, but his leaving gift was actually 6 records, which, as I'm sure you can
imagine, contributed nicely to the 3.30 seconds lost this week.
I think that's all, except for letting you all know that I'm back from a week of drinking.
I slept very late today, which is why I'm updating this late. Still, no complaining!

Fri 04/07/03: And another by [chux]
The Steppes was taken by 2fast, that means only 4 more until I can rebuild the state.
Baddog also tried to submit times, but he hadn't finished Apple Harvest,
which added 10 minutes to his total time. Really it was about 45 (without AH).
According to ElmaTimes, a lot of his times were too good for a 'n00b',
It had all the signs of a second state. Which, as most of you can assume
is NOT allowed...ok? Nice try Baddog...whoever you are!
Anyway, enough of that, I'm off for a week, that's why the update is today.
I'll be back sometime next Saturday, and depending on whether or not I'm asleep
I'll be updating again next Sunday or Monday.
Ok, for the first time in quite a while, I can review a game...yey! The game this week is...Sonic DX (GC). 'Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut' in full,
which is all just a fancy title for the remake of Sonic Adventure 1 (DC).
It's a good game...it always was, but the addition of the Sonic Game Gear series isn't
enough for it to be worth respending your money. There are no improvements to the
actual game, and we did get off on the wrong foot when it corrupted my memory card
which, by the way, had my Bomberman, Monkey Ball 1 + 2 and Mario Party saves on it
Oh yeah, and Zelda...which luckily was completed. Anyway, this is getting very long
so I'll finish here and say "Goodbye kuskis, until we meet again!"

Sun 22/06/03: One down... by [chux]
Framework was taken by msz, despite competition from Falcon for this weeks only NWR.
This means that there are only 5 records to beat to get the NWR.dat back to normal.
Except for that, JAMES got his 'Minimalistic IQ Test' into the LoM levpack, I have added
this to the Achievments section. I also removed 'under 1 hour tt' kuskis.
The NWR table update will be on Friday next week, because I will be away for a week.
The following update should be back on Sunday. To recap - Updates on Fri 4th and Sun 13th.
That's all...until Friday...

Sun 22/06/03: NWR state problems by [chux]
Firstly, 4 records today...
New guy Tib took 1, not so new guy EasyGijs got 1 and 2 for fairly old guy EtanOli.
Next, the state.dat i use to keep a record of the NWRs has been...umm...messed up.
Some under 50 min guys were on the same state as a new NWR or something,
doesn't matter anyway, the thing is, I need to start again.
Here's the problem. I keep individual states with peoples NWRs on, so I can rebuild it.
But there's 4 missing. Blo0dknight, LastDay, Lasoft and Pityka.
They have records on 10, 24, 36, 41, 50 and 51.
If anyone has their 50+ states, or can beat those times, it'd be a great help.
Right, I think that's all...I might post this on 'lauta too...

Sun 15/06/03: Update by [chux]
Nothing too special this week, PPPP's records have been varified and are now yellow.
EasyGijs also updated his Curvaceous record.
I think thats all until next time...

Sun 08/06/03: Full team! by [chux]
Firstly, thanks to everyone who helped me find out what team abbreviations were.
You know who you are, MK loves you all.
Zworqy is now the updat0r of the .tk site, hopefully it will be completely finished soon.
The NWR table has had the busiest week for a long time, 6 today!.
Well, 4...2 are provisional. PPPP [cEp] took 16 and 44 but I haven't seen his state.
They are marked in red and will be turned yellow as soon as the times are varified.
MK has filled the vacancy Dyrox and Thorax left!.
Sorry to others who applied, but Chris Penrose (formerly [:-)]) took the position.
I think that's all, the WWE section has been updated too, but hey, who cares?
Until next week, I bid you farewell!

Sun 01/06/03: NWRs at last! by [chux]
EtanOli takes Flat Track and Hill Legend and EasyGijs takes Curvaceous.
Not much else this week, in fact...nothing else...
Im off to find out what some team names are. (ORC, AMD, BKW, TB, etc)

Sun 25/05/03: New levpack by [chux]
Mikey B has made a few more of his world famous levels.
His 9th levpack is ready for download right now.
Oh yeah, the WWE section has been updated.
That's all

Sun 18/05/03: Nothing by [chux]
No new records today...no new anything today...boring...

Sat 17/05/03: Stuff by [chux]
I got a new email address yesterday, so send everything to chuxx0r instead.
some pages will probably still say mopochuckles, I'll try and change them all soon.
Also, I made 2 more levels which are ready to download!
Until tommorrow...!

Sun 11/05/03: MK loses members by [chux]
EtanOli gets Slalom and He He with slight improvements. He's getting very close to 50 mins now, so we might not be seeing many more from him.
MK has lost Dyrox (again) and Thorax. They both left to join OoK (sound familliar?)
This means there are places on the team for people.
Mail mopochuckles@hotmail.com with all your details (plus stats.txt) if you want to join.
I've made some more levels (2), which doesn't happen very often.
They'll be ready to download next week.
I've been to busy with Zelda to buy new games, so none of that this week.

Sun 04/05/03: Phew! by [chux]
Finally Delly has beaten He He to get the NWRs going again.
Still only this one this week, but hopefully others will find their form again.
Not much other Elma news, except Dyrox might be making a 45+ table.
It looks more likely that PartyBear will end up hosting it though.
Zelda: Wind Waker (GC) is finally out! Wheyy! I got the limited edition version with Ocarina Of Time (N64 remake) too :D
Great game, cartoony cel shading blah blah blah, go get it...etc.
Umm...that's all. More records next week (hopefully).

Sun 27/04/03: 2 weeks? by [chux]
Hmm, no new times again this week...what's going on? We need more n00bs!
Anyway, Mikey B made a new levpack, it's ready to download right now.
I got Monkey Ball 2 and Sonic Advance 2 this week. Both better than their originals.
Monkey Ball 2 has new levels, new mini games, and a storyline.
Sonic Advance 2 has...everything you'd expect from a 2D sonic game...plus a new linkup mode.
Well, get hoyling everyone, give me something to do next weekend!

Sun 20/04/03: Happy Easter everyone by [chux]
No NWRs today! It's the first time in the table's history that no times were sent in.
Ah well, less work for me I guess, which means there's not much to write here.
The new Yu-Gi-Oh! GBA game sucks, Dark Duel Stories is much easier to understand.
Well, I'm off to eat loads of chocolate eggs and quite possibly end up being quite ill.

Sun 13/04/03: Update by [chux]
3 for Lust [AMD] today, he beat EtanOli to Flat Trak by 0.01 sec!
He also got Spiral and Slalom.
I'm told that Long Haul has been cheated, so the NWR goes to Doddddy (35:75)
PartyBear has joined [Q], his NWR (33) has been edited to shoiw this
Dyrox is back (weyy!) and he wants the news ready RIGHT NOW, so I should finish early today!
Ooh, by the way, I'm 16 on Tuesday, happy birthday to me, etc.

Sun 06/04/03: Update by [chux]
Only 1 today! EtanOli's run keeps on going for another week, he takes Upside Down.
He'll make a team very happy someday :D.
Abula, your April Fool's Day joke was NOT funny......:D
That's all for elma stuff I think, Pokemon continues to be a great game,
I got Zelda 3 GBA on Tuesday, new multiplayer feature called 'Four Swords' that I haven't played,
but the game is the same as the SNES original. Not a bad thing. Buy it! Buy it now!
Dancing Stage EuroMIX found it's way back onto my PS2 today! It's become fun again! Hoorah!
I should probably make a 'Game Review' section :D

Sun 30/03/03: Update by [chux]
Ok, a load of new NWRs today from Napoleon, EtanOli and Beastie
I was a bit late posting them, mainly because I forgot :D
Anyway, they're up now, so you can forgive me
I've removed DyRoX from the team section, leaving a space free for anyone to join
Also, I'm about to update a bit of the WWE section, WrestleMania XIX is on tonight.
Pokemon GBA is quite good if you like the series, I got Sapphire yesterday, it's very good.
Monkey Ball 2 will have to wait. :D

Sun 23/03/03: Update by [chux]
I hear that Bokhylle and DyRoX have both gone under 50 mins :(
Speaking of DyRoX...(sniff)...he left the team.
That means there are 6 kuskis in [MK], which is the limit, sorry everyone :D
Anyway, ThieF has taken 2 NWRs, and EtanOli has taken 3, although I can't see his state
so I have marked them in red and I'll change them to yellow when I can verify them.
What else? Mario Party 4 (GC) isn't actually that good...just a warning :)

Sun 16/03/03: Update by [chux]
Bokhylle's been at it again, he's got himself 2 more NWRs, New Wave and Upside Down
That puts [OoK] back at the top of the team success list.
Other news...is there any other news? Yeah, Mikey B is starting another levpack
He says he wants 10 levels in there, he's made 3 so far.

Sun 09/03/03: Update by [chux]
6 record this week, 4 by Doddddy, 1 each for DyRoX and PartyBear.
New Wave, Hangman, Bowling and What The Heck for Doddddy,
Zig Zag for PartyBear and Bounce Back for DyRoX.
Edit: I've just finished organising the Downloads section.
New stuff has been added, 4 new Mikey B Levpacks, and 1 more of JAMES'

Sun 02/03/03: Update by [chux]
3 records today, Zig Zag, He He and Haircut.
DyRoX took Zig Zag, Bokhylle took He He and Haircut.
Hmm, all the records were taken by guys with connections with [MK]...we r0xx0r :D
Anyway, [OoK] (Bokhylle's new team) has a site now, linked from their logo on the NWR table
Also, [MK] have achieved a couple more things, look up to see them
Oh yeah, last week I did update the WWE section...blehh

Sun 23/02/03: Update by [chux]
4 new records today, Warm Up, Upside Down, Zig Zag and Lab Pro.
Nothing new really, MK didn't make a comback like I predicted last week
Maybe next time.
I might update the WWE section later, no-one uses it so I don't know that I will.

Sun 16/02/03: Update by [chux]
Gahh, we lost Bokhylle! He's made a national team, OoK.
OoK are now second in the team list, they have 9 NWRs...all Bokhylle's
Ville J also left his mark on the table, he has a tt of about 51 mins,
and took 6 records. He puts his team, TB, at third on the team list
With the loss of Bokhylle, and ZworqY's Enduro taken(!), MK have 1 NWR, thanks Jok :D
Next week we'll make a comeback...!

Sun 9/02/03: Update by [chux]
Hello again mopofans, it's a good day for [MK]!
Bokhylle is still running wild on the NWR table,
he's taken 3 more NWRs this week, giving us a total of 10!
Kopaka has also taken one, possibly marking a comeback for [cEp]...?
[MK] have yet another new member!
Thorax who has only been playing for about 3 months,
but has already overtaken me by about a minute in tt.
Expect top see "Thorax " All over the NWR table soon.
In other news, I went to see Reel Big Fish last night, they rule
My hearing has completely gone, but it was worth it.

Sun 02/02/03: Update by [chux]
Once again, we see [Q] ruling the NWRs today.
Thanks to Zero and Napster, they have 15!
They have more NWRs than [MK] and [:-)] put together! Who can stop them?
Maybe [MK]'s new signing, Bokhylle, who got himself an NWR today, he now has 4.
Before I forget, congrats to Napoleon, who got the NWR for Labyrinth under 1 min!
That's all for today. There will probably be some midweek updates...

Fri 31/01/03: Update by [chux]
Changed more pages to the new style, mainly the WWE section.
Also changed my tt to 57:59:59

Tue 28/01/03: Update by [chux]
I've changed a lot of URLs today, everything that was 'elasto-mania' is now deleted.
The thing this will effect the most is the NWR table.
This used to be 'mk.20m.com/elasto-mania/n00b-wr-table.html', now it's 'mk.20m.com/nwr-table.html'
the same thing has happened to the Join, Send, Screenshots and Downloads sections.

Sun 26/01/03: Update by [chux]
Loads of NWRs today, especially from [Q], they now lead the table with 8 records.
This is mostly because of their new member, Zero_Cool. But still, they're a great team. That's it for this week...boring eh?
Sun 19/01/03: Update by [chux]
vn has left to be in Ribot's team, (sniff).
But, good news, we've found...another new member!
Jok, the long time NWR holder, is now a Mopokuski.
Anyway, NWRs have been updated and I've added a little round up of team success below the table
Bokhylle, a new 'face' could be a strong contender. He has taken 2 NWRs this week.
Also, during one of my random state checks, I found that Bokhylle took Double Trouble without knowing, as well as the Engima he knew about
I should also add that Dyrox has Gravity Ride
Thu 16/01/03: Update by [chux]
We got a new member! vn, who used to be called Onlainari has joined [MK]
The Onlainari!!! The man, the legend! :D
Anyway! I've changed some nicks around the place...
New nicks: [chux], Dyrox, JAMES, Mikey B, vn and ZworqY.
Sun 12/01/03: Update by [chux]
All the usual updates today, n00b table needing a bit of extra work.
[:-}] has a new logo:
Z-oren is now Epsilon (Greek letter for 'E' in case you were wondering), and Naoman gets even more NWRs.
[:-)] - Naoman especially - have been ruling the table recently
[chux], Dyrox and Mikey B have been put back onto 'The Mopokuskis' section.
And I think...that's it!
Sun 12/01/03 (Early): Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhh! by [chux]
[MK] is back and better than ever!
[chux] is back, Dyrox is back(!) and Mikey B is back.
I've been told that Mopogirl has left, although I'm still hoping she'll reconsider
Dyrox's site design will be transferred here pretty soon
More updates tomor......later today
Sat 11/01/03 (Early): Members leaving... by [chux]
Inactive members of [MK] (ArchoN, HentoR, Mikey B and Ross-O)
have all been removed as well as myself (ChuckleS) as I am leaving.
JameS is still deciding whether or not to stay.
I'll still be updating this site until the other [MK] site is finished.
The n00b WR table will remain here for the time being, until it has a new place to go.
It will more than likely follow me to whichever team I join next, which will probably be
a [GBR] team (called [UK] because Abula doesnt like [GBR]) or an international team if I can think of a good name.
Anyway, expect to see NWRs tomorrow...!
Sun 05/01/03: Update by ={ChuckleS}=
First NWR update of the year, and only 1 new record
Kopaka got his Curvaceous back.
Speaking of Kopaka, his team [cEp] now have an ani-gif logo
I think that's all this week...until next time...
Sun 29/12/02: Update by ={ChuckleS}=
NWR table update. Team Quack now has an ani-gif logo, eppeJ and Hilamr's NWRs now have this:
That's all for today, but earlier in the week, I changed RoniMox's profile.
She's now MopoGirl. This was done on...Wednesday I think
Oh yeah, I've updated my tt, now I have 58:xx:xx
Sun 22/12/02: Update by ={ChuckleS}=
Again, the NWR table is updated.
While I was checking through some old records and checking states, etc.
I found some old records that I wasn't told about when new states were sent.
This means that some of you have lower records than you might have thought.
WWE stuff has been updated too.
Wed 18/12/02: Update by ={ChuckleS}=
It turns out that the downloads section does work, but not on my PC...odd
Anyway, the NWR table can now have ani-gif logos, so anyone who has a record
send the picture and a link to your teamsite, and I'll update on Sunday.
So far I have [MK] and [:-)]
Sun 15/12/02: Update by ={ChuckleS}=
NWR table update, looks like Naoman might become the new Juk.
WWE Real Names has been updated for the first time in probably about a month. New names added, etc.
Downloads section still doesn't work, still no idea whats wrong with it.
Sun 08/12/02: Update by ={ChuckleS}=
New n00b table update, Juk got under 50 mins now, looks like another big n00b name is leaving us.
Downloads section still doesn't work, but I've uploaded James' levpack just in case people enjoy broken links.
Also I turned this news thing upside down, so the new news is at the top...clever eh?
Sat 07/12/02: Update by ={ChuckleS}=
New Animated ={MopokuskiS}= logo (Thanks ={ZworqY}=)
New achievements, changed a couple of total times Waiting for tomorrow's n00b table update...
Sun 29/11/02: Update by ={ChuckleS}=
Changed Poll to [MK] fact. Fixed small [MK] logo in top corner, this will soon be used for quick access to the home page
Sun 27/11/02: Weyy! by ={ChuckleS}=
After a long time working at it, the new site is up! Many people have asked for it and now, finally it's here. The new look for mopokuskis.20m.com. Tell us what you think at the usual address (mopochuckles@hotmail.com)
[MK] Fact
[MK] has a new site - mopokuskis.tk
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